There needs to be some clarification and understanding of the Silver Wings, it's team members, and the offers it provides. This is point blank as to not cause any confusion.

  The Below individuals are Silver Wings Team Members
Dale Warner
Brad Shimkus
Rick Walls
Blain Erickson
Mike Fetner
Jake Leask
Jessica Ball
Chad Genzlinger
Roy Young
Steve Fekete
Michael Slapik
Bryson Shipman
Justin Little
Cody Tinsley
John Perusek
Chris Rocha
Austin Laun

  If your name isn't above, you are not a Team Member that receives training from the Silver Wings budget. You are still more than welcome to come out and borrow team gear on a first come first serve basis, receive team training, and jump with the team. The cost of the lift tickets at SDA must come out of pocket. You are still welcome to jump the BAC aircraft with the team.
  Please understand that there is certain criteria to be an active team member. Some individual circumstances are not beneficial to the team and would be counterproductive to utilize team assets.
  The Team is authorized 16 positions and we currently have 17 listed above due to a member moving on soon.  We also have a few more positions that will open in the next six months. We highly encourage you to continue training with the team, at your cost, if you anticipate filling a position in the future.  We will continue to include you on the text messages that go out for training so that you can continue to train, but you are under no obligation like the team members are.
 If you need further clarification of your position, or possible future position on the team, please see the team leader Mr. Dale Warner. Thank you!